Entries for the 2020 State Titles are now open.

Dojos may register families and individuals for the Karate Queensland 2020 State Titles in bulk using the form below.

  1. Ensure you have valid competitor details ready.
  2. Select the individuals and families you would like to register first from the Registration Summary Screen
  3. Submit all registration details.
  4. After completion, you will be redirected to PayPal.
  5. After payment is received, you will receive your invoice and further details via the supplied email.
  6. Payments for registration will be made to "Dialog Pty Ltd".

IMPORTANT: Information will be lost if payment is not submitted after completing the online registration form.

Registration Summary

  • Family Registrations
  • No Family Registrations
  • + Add Family

Please ensure the details above are correct before proceeding to payment.

Your total cost will be $0.00

Upon completing the form, click the link below to proceed to payment.

NOTE:Do not close your browser during the payment process. If any issues occur during payment, please return to this page to register once again.

So that we can link your payment to your entry in our records it is important that you follow the link on completing the PayPal payment to return to this site.